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  1. Collection of information

  2. a. On initially joining the Group parents/carers will be requested to complete a ‘Family Information form’. This form:
    The contact details provided will be stored on the original paper form and also on the Groups database spreadsheet held by the Group Scout Leader (GSL) who will provide the appropriate part to section leaders & Group treasurer.
    Relevant contact information will be provided to the applicable section leader.
    Sections keep records in a paper format of progress towards badges and awards.
    Section records are held by the section leader and are stored securely at their home.

    b. On moving from beavers to cubs, or cubs to scouts, parents/carers will be requested to fill in a new Family Information sheet so that records can be updated as appropriate. All obsolete records will be destroyed. (refer to 2a below for information relating to Gift Aid records)

    c. Adults are required to complete the Scout Associations Adult Information form which is used to provide:

  3. Disposal of records

  4. HMRC Gift aid regulations require the retention of the signed gift aid consent form for 7 years. To comply with this legal requirement, on leaving scouting, a child’s personal details records will be stored by the Group and disposed of securely after 7 years from leaving.

    A child’s progress records only will be stored in the Group archive which is held at the Group headquarters. This is:
    b. Other data collection
    On occasion parents are requested to provide their child’s information on permission forms for camps and activities. Such forms will be securely destroyed immediately after the activity/camp has taken place